Ahead of Our Time and Not a Scone in Sight

My last blog caused a bit of a storm in the proverbial teacup over a lack of meaningful support for drought affected communities from a State Government spruiking a surplus, and resulted in a few comments about whinging CWA women.

I decided those comments warranted some response in regard to how far a good whinge can sometimes take you, after all doesn’t “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”?

I thought I might take a trip down memory lane and see just how much our whinging had achieved over the years for women, children and communities across NSW over our 93 year history. What I found in our accessible data amazed even me!

1960       “That in view of the high drowning rate, especially young children in lagoons etc. could not more be done to educate the public in the latest methods of resuscitation.

1976       “That manufacturers of food stuffs be required to print on the labels of containers the specific ingredients used in the preparation of the contents”.

1977       “That persons who wish to donate organs for transplant carry some means of indicating this, and that the Department of Health be urged to investigate the most suitable means by which intending donors be identified”.

1977       “That the Association press (the Government) for the establishment of Mobile Cancer Detection Units to regularly visit, at least every two years, those areas of the state of NSW where the facilities of Permanent Cancer Centres or Clinics are not easily available to all residents, and to actively encourage young Radiologists to undertake specialist training to become experts in all types of cancer”.

1978       “That CWA of NSW urge the Department of Health to prohibit smoking in public eating houses”.

1980       “That the CWA urge the NSW Government to introduce random breath tests and reduce the blood alcohol limit to 0.05%, and commend the Government on the Amendment to the Motor Traffic act which now means that there is an automatic suspension of licence for three months upon the first conviction for a drink driving offence”.

1981       “That CWA of NSW request the Minister for Communications to initiate closed captioning on all television stations for the benefit of all deaf and partially hearing persons”.

1983       “That CWA of NSW request the Minister for Health to introduce compulsory labelling of packaged foods showing type, quantity and percentage of all ingredients”.

1983       “That in view of the worsening power situation the CWA of NSW ask the Government to encourage solar heating of water in all homes and business premises”.

1988       “That CWA of NSW request the Minister for Transport and police to strictly enforce the speed limit on heavy vehicles, including coaches.”

1990       “That CWA of NSW ask the State and Federal Ministers of Health to make provision for all women over 40 to have a free mammogram every year for the early detection of breast cancer.”

1994       “That CWA of NSW request the State and Federal Ministers for Health to make disposable syringes free to diabetics.”

1995       “That CWA of NSW support the concept of the inland railway system extending from Brisbane to Melbourne via inland NSW.”

2002       “That the Country Women’s Association of New South Wales request the State and Federal Ministers for Energy to urgently require petroleum fuels sold in Australia, to have a 10% to 20% Australian ethanol content to help reduce greenhouse gases.”

2006       “That the CWA of NSW approach the Federal Minister for Primary Industries and Agriculture, and request that all imported fresh food items be subject to stricter quarantine testing.”

2012       “That the policy of the CWA of NSW shall be that the NSW Minister for Primary Industries has Mimosa Bush (Vechillia farnesiana) removed as a native from the Native Vegetation Act and declared a noxious weed”.

2013       “That the policy of the CWA of NSW shall be to urge all levels of Government to co-operate to build new dams within NSW to store water.”