Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe…


“We could be here for a month!” Jeff’s words over the phone, from atop the fire truck, because that was the only place he had mobile phone service. He and both our boys, along with other volunteers, are containing/monitoring a fire that is smouldering its way through a huge pile of cotton trash at a nearby cotton gin.

The wind here, like elsewhere in NSW, is gusting between 30 and 50 kms an hour, according to the Bureau of Meteorology which, thankfully, is not what Victoria experienced last night. It does mean however that the smouldering cotton trash, even though it is deemed under control, will have to be monitored for a considerable time. Particularly if the total fire ban continues.

The NSW Rural Fire Service website shows a multitude of fires along the coast and other locations, most listed as under control, but several are out of control and I hope they can be contained soon with no more loss of property, or worse.

All of this makes me think about the fact that summer has not even, officially, started yet and I am wondering what else is in store for us as the thermometer rises. It also makes me speculate which side of the fence I should alight (pardon the pun) to, regarding climate change.

In the big scheme of things my 50+ years are a millisecond in time. So, are the storms, droughts, floods, winds, fires, red and orange sunrises/sunsets going to get worse, or is my memory playing tricks and I forget how bad they were in my past? Is my past even long enough to be considered any sort of gauge, I think not.

The “experts” tell us it’s happening and we have to act, but its part of science and human nature to question everything. I question what it will take to make the sceptics, myself included; get off, or over, the fence.

Oh the problems of the universe….too big for me and far easier to procrastinate on making a decision  in favour of concentrating on more immediate issues, like; food for the men in yellow suits watching the smouldering heap and wondering if the roof will stay attached to my house!

Good luck to all the fire fighters for what could be a long, volatile summer, stay safe and know that we appreciate every one of you.

You Look… Different


Traditionally we are not good at “blowing our own trumpet”, bragging about our achievements or promoting what we do. Boasting was seen as “humbug”! What a great word, HUMBUG! Wonder where it came from….

One of the areas we are focusing on this week, CWA of NSW Awareness Week, is change. Changing the way we harness the technologies and opportunities available to us, to shake off the thinking that boasting is “humbug”.

Let’s promote our website, share the topics on our Facebook page and blog ‘till we drop!

Tweets and instagram exponents, um…..well, you do whatever it is you do and I’ll catch up soon.

As discussed before, change is about perception and whether you like it or not, our world is changing, fast. Opting in doesn’t mean forgoing our integrity, ideals or commitment to those we support, it just means achieving what we can with the tools provided to us at the time. Just as we have always done. Except now everyone will know, not just us.

If we want people’s perception of us to change, then we have to change how they perceive us.