One blog down …

Today Jackie asked a simple question … “Are you going to continue with the blog”? Such a simple sentence, such an easy task I thought! I can talk, so I can write – right?

Not so. As I sit at the table tonight I have been struck with dreaded Bloggers Block and try as I might I cannot come up with one simple, interesting thing to say.

The table is littered with crumpled pieces of paper and to avoid the task at hand I move to the lounge and plump up the cushions. I wander into the laundry and put on a load of washing then finally I move to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. The kettle boils, I make a cup of plunger coffee minus the plunger and watch the grains of coffee float on top and then stick to the side of the cup. Many a Barista would be shaking their head in disgust at this poor excuse for a coffee.

I head back to the desk and Google a social media site “26 Tips for Overcoming Bloggers Block” I scroll down to Tip #6 which offers the advice … Get to know your followers and preferences, find out what they expect, why they follow the blog and what they hope to learn. Well easier said than done I think! Deciding to make a coffee seems to be the panacea I am looking for, it frees my mind and I’m away … the creative writing process has begun.

How can I base my writing on the advice from Tip #6 when I do not know the blog followers or what they hope to learn.  What I do know for certain about CWA blog readers is that they are volunteers. This thought leads me to earlier this morning at the State Office where Phillip Group International Officer Margery and her band of merry packers were putting together the material aid packages. I watched, and I think got in the way, as they packed with care, thought and precision, matching material, cotton, zips and buttons, adding thoughtful extras such as reading glasses and patterns.

2016-05-31 10.42.56

From left to right – Annette with Annie Kiefer, Patricia Boyer,  Wendy Diver, Andrea Pulford, Noelene Hampson, Barbara Kendrick and Margery East.

To use a well worn cliché … While ‘marvelling at the wonder’ of CWA ladies I ask myself – just why do we volunteer? We volunteer because we are concerned about the needs of others.  It is a selfless activity which has positive benefits for a person or community. It helps develop our skills, often promotes feelings of wellness and improves quality of life.

Volunteers are integral to CWA and we function as an organisation because of all their generous time and good will, so thank you CWA members, you are truly appreciated. And if you are not a member we would love for you to join our wonderful Association.

CWA State Vice President Beryl Brain (left) attended the ICPA conference earlier this year with  Jill Miller from Ascham School and Pauline Turner from PLC Sydney

8 thoughts on “One blog down …

  1. Congratulations on your first blog. Yes, talking is easier than the written word but this made interesting reading. Best wishes for an enjoyable three years in this challenging role as State President.

  2. well done and what a way to start! CWA members are great volunteers and you hit the nail on the head as to why.

  3. Enjoyed the first of many blogs to come Annette. Volunteers are great for our towns who wouldn’t survive without us.

  4. I do hope you continue…….I like what is written here and how it is written….. The opinions etc.

    Maybe you could do a part about the material aid parcels. What goes into them etc.. What sort of yardage etc.. Where are the bits collected. Obviously Phillip group are putting these together…. But where are they sent to now etc.

  5. I have always enjoyed the opinions etc that have been written here…..some just general charter others today’s issue… .. I am sure you will be able to continue on and do a good job.

    Maybe you could do a post about the material aid parcels. … What goes into them…. The requirements etc.
    Where are the goods collected? Obviously Phillip group are compiling them but where do they go to from now etc…

  6. Thanks Annette! Nice to hear from you. Sincere wishes for a relatively stress free Presidentship! I hope we volunteer CWA members remember that you, too are a volunteer- regardless of your ‘rank’, and respect that. 💜

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