The End

As I put pen to paper, or rather fingers to the keyboard, for my last blog as State President of the Country Women’s Association of NSW I am not only reflecting on the past thirty three months of “blogging” but also considering what to write today, that will encapsulate my feelings.

We originally started the blog as another tool in the kit for the promotion of CWA and to raise awareness of the diversity of the organisation as well as a way to articulate the ups and downs of life on the land and in rural communities.

Some “Snippets” have been a powerful medium for the voice of the organisation on the issues that concern our members which in turn have created other opportunities for comment on those issues and/or other, related, topics. It has generated occasions for guest bloggers to showcase their talents on different subjects and from a different perspective than I might have taken. The blog has also allowed me to provide pictorial examples and records to help explain my words a little better or in some cases replace them altogether for a more succinct illustration of a particular subject.

On occasion the process of expressing my thoughts has been cathartic, although sometimes I have had to censor my real opinions! Penning the blog has also afforded me the chance to write about some of the people and faunae who are most important in my life and subsequently let the members of CWA get to know “me” better, whether they wanted to or not.

My very first blog, titled “Bogged or Blogged? 1922 to Now”, was about change, both in the world around us and in our perspective on the things that influence our lives. I noted, with interest, my comments on access to the internet; another ‘hot’ topic in the bush at present and I would record here that during the intervening years our level of service has declined even more. Just trying to access past blogs so I might read the comments seems to take forever and I am wondering, as I write, about how much time is wasted, how much productivity is lost, by all of us experiencing the technological drought that plagues rural communities. Oh, for one more chance to vent …

However, there are other opportunities presenting themselves at the moment, for us to provide comment on the underwhelming performance of our telecommunications provider.

This is my last opportunity to publicly thank all those who have taken the time to read my offerings and to provide comment or feedback; I have appreciated all of it. Thanks to my proof-readers, Emma and Jeff and all who agreed to have “stories” written about them. Thank you also to my guest bloggers for their contributions to the collection of “bits and bobs” about the workings of the Country Women’s Association of NSW and the advocacy we provide.

Very early in this journey as President I commented to a journalist that the thing I missed most when having to spend extended periods of time in Sydney (apart from my family) was the ability to see the horizon in any direction and in particular our magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I was never able to shake the claustrophobic feeling of being “hemmed in” by endless rows of tall buildings or tunnels and road cuttings or even mountains, until I reached the Breeza Plain. If you live or have ventured out of the city, to any part of our country with 360 degree views of the skyline, you will know what I mean.

I’ve been humbled by the support of members and appreciative of the opportunities this position has afforded me as well as the chance to promote the organisation I have been a member of, for over thirty years. But I am also looking forward to viewing more of these …

Sunrise (3)


Sunset (3)


10 thoughts on “The End

    • You have been a fabulous President, Tanya. Thank you for all your hard work and for sacrificing your sunsets and sunrises to establish new horizons for CWA. You have been through difficult times but your courage and vision has been an inspiration to us all. Thank you from me as a relative new CWA member and Bangalow Branch and we wish you many happy sunsets and sunrises.

  1. thank you for all of your hard work over the past three momentous years for our Association! Wishing you all the best as you have a chance (soon) to wind down, and great enjoyment in the sunrises and sunsets – I know just what you mean!

  2. all the best you have been a great president………hope the blog contines…………
    OMG the internet should not be an issue but it is a MAJOR one……………somethings never change…..

  3. Dear Tanya
    Thanks for your leadership which has a great impact on our organisation. Joining CWA the last 12 years have made my life more in touch with the everyday Australian life and its practicalities, especially with a great state President like you. I am honored to be remembered by you when Gay told me you ask whether I will be at our facts day.
    Hope you have a good rest and break before you contribute to another successful venture. Please keep in touch with me if you can.
    Yours in CWA
    Tin Hta Nu (Kendall)
    I have just bought a small waterview holiday house in Woy Woy, Central Coast. I try to find out the Branch meeting day, went there, introduced myself and you don’t have to guess what I do there at the meeting?
    Sang Mongolian National anthem!!

  4. Thank you Tanya for your leadership over the last three years and your friendship while I was on Executive. it has been appreciated by us all.
    Happy days to you and keep enjoying those sunrises and sunsets.

  5. Dear Tanya

    Thank you for your 33months of blogging. I have looked forward to them to see what topic you would pick. I have enjoyed your comments on all subjects including your family events. A huge Thank You and congratulations for all you have achieved,sometimes in difficult situations, in your 3 years as State President of CWA.

    Best wishes and enjoy the sunsets.

    June Mckelvie

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words, best wishes and perseverance. As we travelled home Friday an almost cloudless sky, except for the horizon, provided me with a fantastically mellow pink and blue sunset. A welcome home I suspect. 🙂 Cheers T

  7. Thank you Tanya for all you have done for us. It’s been great having you as our President.
    Sandy Aureli
    Milton District Branch

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