Inspiration, Inspiration, Wherefore Art Thou …

Inspiration; defined as something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create¹. Some days it just doesn’t want to be found and on others it can come from the most miniscule thought, word or deed. The middle of the night is always a productive time for inspirational thoughts but remembering them in the morning, or being game enough to action them, often makes you think the sleep would have been more beneficial.lightbulb

I’d been pondering the recent events in my life and whether I would choose just one for this blog or try to incorporate the elements from all of them that I wanted to write about, but an idea of how to connect them, remained elusive. As fate (or luck) would have it I happened to be involved in a conversation where others were verbalising their thoughts on frequently being plagued by a lack of inspiration and as is often the case, one comment lit the proverbial light-bulb. So here we go: a blog about things that I’ve found inspiring over the last week.

Bush ingenuity: Whether it’s manufacturing a machinery part from scrap or (most recently) repairing a “plugger” with toothpick and ring-pull, combining necessity and imagination to create an alternate solution for the problem at hand, is always inspiring. The ability to use the tools and equipment that may be available for even a temporary fix to the immediate problem is a skill fast disappearing in our “throw-away” world where almost anything is available for purchase 24/7. Living where we do (i.e. no shops close by, let alone 24/7 ones) I frequently see Jeff and the boys create something out of nothing and I’ve been so impressed over the years that it’s also inspired me to test my own bush skills occasionally.
Pictofigo_FriendshipThe bonds of friendship: I spent the weekend with four girlfriends, all of whom I have known for over thirty years. We shared all sorts of experiences in our early twenties when life was less complicated and the body more agile but over time we gradually drifted away to lead new and more complex lives in different places with husbands, children, work, study and a thousand other things that occupy the time of busy women and mothers. During those years we maintained some minimal contact but generally were not overly involved in each-other’s lives and rarely saw each other.

Several years ago we juggled diaries and eventually organised a get-together that was so fantastic we have duplicated it several times since. We are all still busy people but it is inspiring to realise that each time we meet our friendships are strengthened, not by the quantity of time we spend together, but the quality of the limited time we know we have and (as one of the girls messaged on Tuesday) validates why we became friends in the first place. It reinforces the notion that true friends do not have to physically share each-other’s lives to remain connected and comforting to know they will always be “there”.

Leading by example: I am in Hobart this week for a meeting between State and Territory Presidents and the Executive of CWA of Australia to help set the direction of the National body for the coming year. It is always inspiring to work with peers who are equally committed to not only furthering the objectives of The Country Women’s Association, but growing the organisation in ways that will enhance the impact of the work we do.

The CWA is evolving and has its sights set firmly on the future to ensure support and advocacy continues for women, their families and communities, particularly those in rural and remote areas of the country.

So there you have it; my different forms of inspiration and where I found them.


If you have trouble locating yours perhaps the response to my online query for inspirational quotes will help. It is from Eleanor Roosevelt, who apparently once said “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Food for thought …


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