Doing It Our Way

How good is the early morning and sunrise, on any given day? Especially Australia Day.

The air is clear, crisp, clean and sound seems to travel so much further through it. Birds, animals and most young children have no concept of what is meant by the phrase, “I don’t do mornings”. And how wonderful it is that they don’t! It’s such a fantastic time of the day and their enjoyment of it is infectious. So as the sun was making its way over the eastern horizon and the moon, in its fullness, was still a long way from settling below the western skyline I ventured out with my trusty Nikon, to try and find some way of capturing the moment. Even for a professional I imagine this to be a most difficult task, let alone an absolute amateur like myself, who not only lacks any sort of skill but also the patience it takes to get the illusive “perfect” shot.

In the time it took for my morning ‘cuppa’ to cool to a drinkable temperature I happily snapped away using the magic of digital photography i.e. take a baker’s dozen of everything and there might be one semi-good one amongst the lot!! Three out of sixty or seventy…. odd…isn’t bad……is it?

Sunrise 1Sunrise 2






Early Morning Stretch

During this wondrous wander of the house paddock and surrounds happily snapping anything that moved (or didn’t) it occurred to me that being Australia Day we could have the day off, really get into the swing of thong-throwing and barbequing with a few “oi, oi, oi’s” thrown in for good Aussie measure.

Then reality set in.

Being self-employed, or maybe it’s just being a farmer, with rain predicted and lots to be done before the wedding there was no time for resting. Yes, I did say wedding! Haven’t told you that little tidbit of news yet, have I?

Josh and Roz announced their engagement on Christmas Eve and after many rounds of congratulations, much popping of champagne corks and the excited delivery of said news to all who needed to know, the happy couple recovered enough to advise that they would like to be married in our garden. Given that our garden would be better described as a front yard with some lawn and trees, there is a considerable amount of work to be done by September! “Keep it simple” is the sage advice I have been given, which I plan to adhere to religiously.

All joking aside, we are truly excited for Roz and Josh and wish them a beautiful journey together.

So, as a consequence our Australia Day has been spent pretty much like any other day, with everyone doing something useful. A good Australian pass-time, so perhaps we did celebrate – our way!


The Medical Centre receptionist is organising invitation lists and making wedding plans.

The builder is plumbing??

The builder is plumbing??


The eldest and the youngest farmers are dabbling in diesel mechanics

The eldest and the youngest farmers are dabbling in diesel mechanics


The ‘D’ team are performing supervisory tasks – Chip is behind the tyre claiming territorial rights…

The ‘D’ team are performing supervisory tasks – Chip is behind the tyre claiming territorial rights…

And I am psyching myself up for garden duty on whipper and chopper – no selfies allowed!

How did you spend your day, mate?

2 thoughts on “Doing It Our Way

  1. Good on you Tanya, loved your version on how it is done on your patch. We had an ‘invite the street’ party, all had a great time, only seem to see each other at one of these special events,(distant neighbors) roast lamb, lamb burgers and to celebrate 2016 Year of Pulses, lentil burgers, topped off with the good Aussie Pav. great Aussie music and plenty of happy cheer.

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