A New Resolution


Welcome to 2016, I hope it brings you peace and happiness.

When I started contemplating this blog, what to write about and then which words to use for my wish to you and yours for the year ahead, peace and happiness were the first two to arrive in my head. As is often the case with me, my mind wandered to contemplating why those two words? Why not health and happiness, or joy and prosperity, or everything you want?

I pondered this question whilst mowing the lawn this morning (hence the late blog) and smelling the freshly cut grass, feeling the light breeze on my face, soaking up my dose of Vitamin D and generally trying to enjoy the early morning experience, rather than bemoaning the job and thinking it was just another chore that needed to be done. Perhaps that’s why those words, peace and happiness, popped into my head. Maybe it’s a sign that my perspective on “things” needs to change and the words were a message to me and one which I should be heeding myself rather than spruiking them as inspirational thoughts to be passed on to you.

Maybe it’s all the distressing events in our world and the unfiltered and immediate reporting of them which, even though it’s at ‘arms-length’, seems to bring conflict and misery closer than we would otherwise personally experience.

Around the globe millions have never experienced a world where there is not some sort of large scale conflict, misery or loss, on almost a daily basis. Each one of them must yearn for peace and happiness that stems from not living in fear. Something most of us take for granted, if we’ve ever thought about it at all.

Being able to grow a lawn to mow has just taken on a whole new meaning. The more I mull these thoughts over, the more I realise that even my earlier words about enjoying the experience were selfish ones.

I can’t say this is going to be a life-changing moment for me and I am too old to become a crusader for world peace, but maybe the proverbial inner peace and happiness is projectable. You know, like the concept of “paying it forward” (did you know there is a Pay it Forward Day – it’s 28th April 2016, see info here). I wonder if all my years of volunteering count.

If you’re starting to ask yourself “what is the point is to this story”? I have to say there really isn’t one, other than to allow my wild thoughts to escape onto a page and bore those of you unlucky enough to be reading it. I guess all I can do is challenge myself and you, to put thoughts and words into action by being less self-absorbed (says she who has spent the morning exploring her own thoughts!), start appreciating what’s really important and then actually do something to help another person experience them.

As Ronald Reagan said “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

Who’s on your ‘to-do’ list?

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2 thoughts on “A New Resolution

  1. I think that is an awesome resolution to have! Many people end up setting unachievable goals during the new year, but it all comes down to happiness. The most important goal in one’s life should be to be happy and peaceful with what they are doing.

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