We’re In – Woohoo!

After weeks of sorting, packing and working amongst a growing pile of boxes and the ever useful striped/checked bags our staff have done a mighty job of moving us and can now start reversing the process in their new ‘digs’. How lucky are we to have them!

The move took three days to complete; almost ninety four years of history, let alone the normal paperwork we are legally bound to retain and the equipment required to run an office for an organisation the size of ours, takes some shifting and the weather hasn’t been exactly helpful.

The girls deserve our thanks and congratulations for a job well done.


I thought this week I would provide a few pictures to try and illustrate the size of the move and a few “teasers” of the interior of our new space.


Leah – “What is this”?


Some of the many boxes being loaded on to the truck

IMG_2975 (2) IMG_2972 (2)








Location, location – that’s Mascot Train Station from the window of our office.

mms_img-1425153972_2 (2)


mms_img-1435528719mms_img534047234_2 (2)



IMG_2472                         mms_img-1345039519     mms_img-1343527746 (2)


5 thoughts on “We’re In – Woohoo!

  1. Glad the move has finally happened for all the staff. Looking forward to seeing the new premises. Best wishes to all Maureen DeBrincat Castle Hill/Nepean.

  2. congrats to all, what a major job you all have done. Now relax, have a drink and enjoy. Hope you all have a merry Christmas cheers Bronwyn

  3. Oh what a fresh clean modern home for our organisation. Thank you to all who have been involved in planning and moving our belongings. Our future is looking good.

    • Not a new start – but a leap into the future which will never end! I join with Lynne in thanking everyone for all the good work done by our ‘friends at the office’ –

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