Things that Make You Smile…

While being President of CWA of NSW is a privilege and a responsibility that I take seriously, so is being a wife, mother and business partner. Whilst the role of President provides me with opportunities that I would probably not otherwise have, it’s good to be grounded and passionate about the things that mean the most. While driving all over the countryside (“ask the Leyland Brothers…”) to meet some of the members in our 400 Branches is enlightening and enjoyable, so is home base.

Taking a drive with Jeff yesterday afternoon to check a watering point gave me an opportunity to not only spend a bit more time with him, but to take a look at some of our cattle and numerous new calves, who would be revelling in the beautiful spring morning we had here today. I can actually blame the lateness of the blog today on the weather (and a power outage) which provided me some time to re-acquaint myself with the ‘D’ team, including a game of fetch with Marvin and some generous attention for Gemma who is fast making friends with the vet (for a sore eye – fingers crossed please).

Chipolata has also received some well-earned praise this morning for seeking out another mouse-hole for me to fill…old houses…they have so much character…but it’s home and I love my little mouse-seeking, indoor, missile!

dog1I also dilly-dallied outside this morning with a new addition to our D team family who we welcomed about a month ago. Say hello to Marc’s next best mate, Wallace.

Wallace (Wally) hails from Inverell and like Sarge has a somewhat mixed heritage, VERY large feet, long gangly legs that have not yet mastered coordination and (so far) a lovable nature. He has already injected himself into the rough and tumble games on the front lawn with the older dogs, being generally well accepted until he is reminded that his puppy teeth are much sharper than those of his playmates.

I think Sarge would have enjoyed his company.

birds1I’ve also spent a bit of time this morning gazing out my kitchen window which, more through sheer luck than good management, has two banksia roses less than a metre away that are covered in yellow and white blooms. The little flowers are spectacular and brighten even a dull day, however the biggest bonus is the family of wrens or finches – my bird book says wrens but I always thought they were finches! (?? Expert opinion welcome) that have taken up residence once again after our renovations. It’s such a good way to forget, briefly, the rest of the world and its problems.

The other thing I love about being home is my own bed and last night as I contemplated and appreciated its comforts I listened to our other homebody as he meandered slowly around under the house. An Echidna, who Emma believes should be called Eugene or Ernest, because she imagines he is old and would have glasses perched on the end of his nose, has been in residence for a few years now. He appears in the garden occasionally for a drink of water and a change of scenery, much to the consternation of the ‘D’ team who would like to investigate this strange creature more closely but for the prickles. The scraping/rasping sounds that Ernie’s quills make on the timber supports as he manoeuvres himself around the various spaces trying valiantly to keep the white ant population under control are a little disconcerting in the middle of the night, especially for any visitors we might forget to forewarn.

Then of course there are the beautifully scented Murraya and their visitors…


What brings a smile to your dial?

4 thoughts on “Things that Make You Smile…

  1. Love your blogs Tanya, keep them coming. I have strong memories of ‘old houses’ and mouse holes filling them with steel wool.

  2. Ah, the things you find to do when the power goes out. ! The beautiful thing I had to leave behind for my daily vista of blue seas. I really miss the perkiness of those blue wrens ( yes wrens ) who used to visit through my family room windows and the lowly meandering echidnas –mother and baby who completely dominated the dogs with their protruding spikes. Isn’t nature wonderful .However, I do grow the Murraya which after a rather sever hair cut are responding beautiful . I am growing geraniums which are massive so my garden is gradually being filled with these beauties — so forgiving when away so much and of course being here with sugar cane, the mulch is magnificent for the almost pure sand I’m trying valiantly to improve. Absolute joy when I find a worm but things continue to grow so I dont complain .Love the blogs. Heather

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