A Week Is a Long Time In … a Violent Relationship

Last week more women lost their lives at the hands of their violent partners.

Last week we had a Prime Minister who said “enough is enough” and that action not words was what was needed.

Last week one high profile television presenter asked Tony Abbott to step down as the Minister for Women: where to now?

This week we have a new Prime Minister who earlier this year said “…there is zero tolerance for men hitting women” whilst defending a budget that would provide just over half the funds needed for an awareness program to confront the issue [1]

The members of CWA of NSW, like every other rational Australian, are not interested in waiting for the dust to settle in the ‘cock-fight’ pen before we find out what our national government is prepared to actually DO for those in violent relationships or at risk of same.

We are raising funds to support the 1800RESPECT help and support line because 18,000 calls went unanswered last year.

In NSW we are funding personal development courses for health professionals and community workers in rural and regional centres because that’s where, per capita, the most domestic violence attacks occur.

This week’s antics should not be allowed to take precedence over last week’s horrors.


1800Respect "Dunny Door" Sticker

1800Respect “Dunny Door” Sticker


[1] Read more at http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/waleed-aly-malcolm-turnbull/#eiS3kFD2czRtjVvD.99

Find out more about CWA’s involvement at  https://cwaofnsw.org.au/page.php?id=67

4 thoughts on “A Week Is a Long Time In … a Violent Relationship

  1. Thanks for all you do to make our politicians aware Tanya. Castle Hill Branch raised $204 for the Rape and Domestic Violence Services at our stall in the mall for awareness day. Maureen DeBrincat-Treasurer.

  2. CWA of NSW welcomes the announcement of the Federal Government’s commitment to provide funding for domestic violence services.

    In July our organisation allocated funding to partner with Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia to conduct Domestic Violence Professional Development Forums in rural NSW. In addition our members have been campaigning to increase awareness of domestic violence in their communities and raising funds to support the 1800RESPECT hotline.

    The Prime Minister’s announcement will assist organisations involved in front line services who are struggling to cope with demands placed on services due to the epidemic of violence against women.

  3. I am very proud that the Country Women’s Association is doing practical things to reduce domestic violence. I was extremely heartened by our new Prime Minister’s words and the fact that he saw it as a priority. Unfortunately there is a greater need than $100m but it is a start. I am inclined to think that the whole idea of grants to organisations that have to reapply for funding after 3 years or less as not suitable for this very entrenched problem. It seems to me that there should be regarded as a long term problem with more long term funding.

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