Advocacy by Stomach Stealth

Many people are under the impression that The Country Women’s Association is for “older women” and something they might consider “when they have more time…” They also perpetuate the myth that we don’t do much except knit and take tea with our scones.

This assumption is usually evident when dealing with male politicians and some media interviewers, who mistakenly believe that their reference to the provision of scones for the sustenance of those participating in the current event is original.

Whilst it does get a little tedious at times, I remind myself (and sometimes those making the remarks) that it is the sale of those very same, simple but delicious delights that contribute significantly towards the projects our organisation has supported and the advocacy we have maintained, for over 93 years, in NSW.

Fostering an Aussie fetish for Scottish fare (say that, quickly, five times!) has raised millions of dollars over those nine decades which in turn has flowed to help millions of people, both here and overseas. Whether through funding for baby health nurses, parcels for our diggers, medical research, education grants, assistance following disasters, or raising our hands to help in the battle to defeat family and domestic violence; our little treats, via your stomachs and wallets, have allowed us to achieve much.P1020846

Keep an eye on the news over the next week or so because during our Awareness Week activities, which commence this Saturday across NSW, many of our members will be raising not only awareness, but providing funds, to help women and children deal with the effects of violence in their lives.

Each Branch will be undertaking different activities and whilst we’ve rarely shied away from the difficult conversations, for some the issue of Domestic Violence can be confronting, so some events will be focused on encouraging you to record your decision about becoming an organ tissue donor, on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

I can’t promise a basket of goodies and Grandma will definitely not be the wolf in disguise, but she will be happy to take your donation to keep him at bay.

Is your wallet up to the challenge of ignoring your stomach, for a good cause?

Mivale - high tea-edit (3)

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