Vale Sarge

Last night Marc wrote on his Facebook page “RIP big fella. You were not here long but you were the best mate a bloke could ask for.” Our big beautiful Sarge had a penchant for running close to the front of the vehicle and on Monday morning his luck ran out.

Sarge (3)Sarge came to us as a gangly, golden, goofy, gorgeous puppy just two years ago and when I say puppy it is a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’; by some dog standards he was nearly full size when only 6-8 weeks old, almost as tall as my knees (no short jokes accepted).

Those of you who are regular readers will recall my earlier post about our ‘D’ team where I introduced Sarge (aka “Scoob”) as the multi-cultural dog who lived up to his nickname and liked to share the swinging seat with Marc; he was an important member of the Pest Control Pack (PCP) and the only one who could slap his lips together when he shook himself.

Sarge would quiver with excitement as Marc approached with his protective collar and breastplate – my vivid imagination decided he was thinking; “This means time with my human, running fast and catching feral critters. EXCITED!!”

Sarge and Marc (2)The nick-name “Scoob”, obviously derived from his likeness in manner and intelligence to the infamous Scooby Doo, was bestowed upon him when we (perhaps incorrectly) thought that he was taking a long time to learn “doggy” habits and vehicular etiquette, among other things. By way of example; it seemed to take Sarge a considerable time to master the art of lifting his leg, especially when he had Marvin and Chip constantly leading by example. I now think it just took him a while to master his balance – I have never seen a dog pee, in one spot, for as long as Sarge could!!!

His soulful look, with that one droopy eye, could melt your heart. His ability to be in the way whilst you were trying to get out the door, could drive you to distraction. His pricked ears, joyously wagging tail and instant excitement at our arrival were equally matched by his protective, menacing gait and low growl as he circled the car of strangers – until they were given the all-clear from us and he was formally introduced! Then he would want a hug!

As with all animals (treated correctly) his zest for life, loyalty and love for us, particularly Marc were so much bigger than his stature.

We think he is now learning to fish with Marc’s mate Charles and when they are bored with that activity they’ll be chasing those flying feral pigs.

RIP Sarge (2)


See you, Sargey.


6 thoughts on “Vale Sarge

  1. Such a sad story Tanya. Unfortunately it has happened to many of us ‘bushies’ . Condolences to you all particularly Marc.

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