Raise Your Hand

The State Executive Committee of CWA of NSW were recently in Sydney for our quarterly meeting and although December and January, in particular, are traditionally quiet months there are some very exciting times ahead for our organisation and so there was much to discuss, debate and decide.r0_24_470_288_w1200_h678_fmax[1]

The most important decision from the meeting was that we become a supporter of White Ribbon Australia, an action that sits intrinsically within the aims of our Association and one which endorses the resolution of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) of which we are a member society. ACWW is active in over 70 countries and has consultative status with several different UN bodies and close ties with the UN system through its representatives at UN Centres. The resolution reads “ACWW urges all member societies to focus strongly on the situation of girls and women who are victims of different forms of violence.”

As a starting point we will host an information session on domestic violence at our Annual Conference which is to be held in Tamworth this year. We will also be looking at other ways we might be able to raise awareness through our networks.

Statistics show that one in three women will experience domestic violence, so it stands to reason that over the 93 year history of CWA NSW there would be members who have either been victims of domestic violence or tried to support friends and or family going through the ordeal; with limited knowledge of where to turn for support and information and the constant fear of the possible consequences of overt action.

For years this silent torture has been perpetrated around us, in every part of our society, but our instincts are to “judge a book by its cover” and “mind our own business”. It is only now that our new Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, has been brave enough to take on and create change in ‘the system’ that we can truly begin to comprehend the extent of the problem.

The challenge to creating real change is ensuring the silent majority become vocal and active participants in the solution; we’ve raised our hand, will you?RaisedHands[1]

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