What’s Good for the Goose …

For more than twenty years the Country Women’s Association of NSW has lobbied against the importation of foods and to improve biosecurity laws and systems so that our fruit and vegetable industries are protected and the possibility of food contamination reduced.

Constant assurances have been given over that time that the processes in place were adequate.1-cup-frozen-berries[1]

If that is the case, how do we now find ourselves at risk of contracting Hepatitis A from contaminated fruit imported from overseas?

The Department of Agriculture operates a risk-based border inspection scheme to monitor importers’ compliance with sourcing food that meets Australia’s food standards.

According to the Departments “Imported Food Inspection Data” report for January – June 2014 horticulture, which includes fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, was the second highest single commodity (after seafood) requiring inspection. However fruit was only tested as a ‘surveillance food’ for pesticides using electronic profiles.

Clearly not a good enough system, especially when our local growers are subject to such high standards.

Where will you now buy your fruit and vegetables?



4 thoughts on “What’s Good for the Goose …

  1. Thank you Tanya.
    It is so hard to follow the trail of our food products as they are shipped around the world to be processed. How many countries have the frozen goods been through before we are challenged to decide if they are local products?

  2. I try at all times to buy Australian products and produce, I don’t mind paying, its money well spent. Keeping Australian farmers and growers is worth all our time and money. Keep up the good work Tanya.

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