Summer Fun … not!

January, or at least a portion of it, is a time to re-charge the batteries before the rush and bustle of the New Year kicks into top gear. For some it heralds a holiday, for others a chance to work at half pace and for many a chance to overdose on summer sports.

I’ve never been much good at sports which probably explains why I am not a big sports fan although I have had the occasional ‘hit and giggle’ over the years as a form of social exercise, however the (understandable) eye-rolling and sighs of frustration from my opponents across the net gave me reason to seek a team sport; safety in numbers, I thought. Softball and hockey were tested, but they both still involve opponents who are eager and motivated and the implement used to propel the ball around the field has an even smaller surface area for ball connection than a tennis racquet! So I concluded that hand-eye coordination, along with speed and agility, were just not my forte.


That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the effort and commitment that others put into their sports, or the value and benefits of physical activity, or the enjoyment and excitement of being a spectator and supporter. I’m just not as exuberant as others over the abundance and variety of sports on offer over the summer months so I submit the following to show that along with the occasional walk, I am exercising something, even if it’s not to competition standard.

With apologies to those who are passionate about their summer sports.

Summer Fun … not!

It’s very un-Australian I don’t try to deny it
Some shout “sacrilegious!” and “where’s your Aussie spirit?”
I’ve tried over the years to overcome this terrible blight,
Often berating myself that it’s “just not right”

When everyone around me thinks summer is the best,
Starting with the first One Day Test,
And with games called Ram Slam and The Big Bash League,
You’d think I would at least feel a little intrigue

Between the Asian Soccer Cup and the Australian Tennis Open
I should be wielding the remote like other bleary-eyed madmen,
The Tour Down Under absorbs every keen cycler,
I just think “how hot, in all that Lycra!”

Bicycle buffs, tennis tragics and cricket connoisseurs
Just shake their heads at my irreverent slurs,
So I keep a low profile, on computer and with books,
And try to avoid their horrified looks!


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