How Do You Measure Your Spirit?

Well, hello out there in blog world! If there’s anyone still following, that is. If you are, welcome back and happy New Year to all bloglandians. Is that what blog readers are called? Bloggers write blogs – correct? But what are readers called; Bloggians? Bloggies? Professor Google indicates you are Blog Readers, so perhaps I need to start weaning myself off the Christmas spirits … I mean spirit …

No need for concern, I haven’t increased my predilection for a drink at the end of the day (besides I prefer wine) it’s my simplistic means of distracting my thoughts from focusing on the less than positive events that have heralded the start of 2015. Acts of terrorism and violence in the name of religion, the funerals of 8 murdered children from one family, catastrophic fires and damaging floods.

If I redirect my miserable musings and stop focussing on the negatives there are possibly some instances where positivity can be found amongst the debris; the solidarity and defiant spirit that has surfaced in the wake of more recent terrorist attacks, which hopefully provides some comfort to those who have lost loved ones, but also sends a clear message that the majority will not be dictated to by the fanatical minority.


The family and friends of the children murdered in Cairns will likely never recover and every heart in the country has felt their pain, but some reports suggest the tragedy has brought the community together and that a common bond of support as part of the healing process is being nurtured and promoted.

To date no human lives have been lost in the bushfires that have ravaged Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia although it is sad to think so many defenceless animals did and that families have lost their homes and possessions. Similarly the flash floods that have occurred over the past few days have reminded us that the combustion engine still does not do well when immersed in water, but at least it means that rain is falling somewhere, even if it is not here in the still parched north west of the state.

Whatever 2015 has in store for us next, be it good or bad, will be better met together. So get to know those around you if you don’t already, re-invent neighbourhood watch and don’t wait for disaster to strike before showing your spirit. Or as my Dad would have said, your Gumption!

Maybe narcissism can be banished from our vocabulary …?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Your Spirit?

  1. Readers are called bloggers or stalkers if they just lurk and don’t blog or comment……….. And we live in blogland……. The nice place on the internet that connect the world were good things happen and hourly overpower the evil in the world……

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