Too Much Information

B3z_Y2cCAAIOE3wI’m not sure if it’s just me, but there seems to have been so many tragic events reported in the news this past week; the heartrending death of Phillip Hughes and the response his passing evoked, the loss of four lives from one family in a car accident in South Australia, the discovery of two babies abandoned by their mothers with one sadly already deceased and the effect of that discovery on the two little boys who found her.

To comprehend and process so much sadness, not only for the lives lost, but for those left behind is consuming. Part of my melancholy mood comes from contemplating the amount of media coverage that has and will surround the death of Phil Hughes and I do not want to imagine what it would be like to know that at every turn there could be a camera trying to capture my personal grief. Perhaps the overwhelming display of respect and affection from ordinary to extraordinary people for a young life lost, doing what he loved, balances this aspect for his family and friends.


Our ability to access news 24/7 in any medium increasingly drives those who produce it to give us some angle or image that will set them apart from their colleagues. Journalists convince themselves that we want/need to know every minute detail and perhaps in some maudlin way we do, but I for one will not be watching the telecast of Phillip Hughes funeral today. That’s not to say I won’t be sparing more than a passing thought for him or his family and friends but does EVERY aspect of a public life have to be public? Australians React To The Death Of Phillip Hughes

One thought on “Too Much Information

  1. Sadly another young person lost their life last weekend. A young 24 yr. female top hockey player from WA. killed when the ball struck her head. Didn’t make the news ,maybe her parents wanted some privacy to grieve without out all of the media circus. Maybe it just wasn’t important as it was a woman and she wasn’t playing cricket, but her family deserves our sympathy as well.

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