Things Happen for a Reason … don’t they?

Whilst having a cup of tea with Emma and Jeff on Sunday morning and absently wondering what to write about this week a news break came on telly which consisted of declarations of war, warnings about the spread of the Ebola virus, possible terrorist attacks in Australia and unprecedented security for the G20 meeting and injecting chemicals in the soil around trees in Melbourne’s CBD to help hay fever sufferers. I will admit my first thought on the last item after listening to all the other reports was cynically verbalised by Emma almost immediately – First World problems, eh?

Before you jump to conclusions Emma and I both suffer from various allergies and we certainly were not trying to belittle the symptoms suffered. It just struck me as incongruous that these news items should appear in the same bulletin. I’m still trying to process what I think about it, but I guess the last story is quirky and takes our minds off the serious and depressing content of the others.wedge tailed eagle

In nature things happen for a reason. Jeff reminded me today of a story his cousin told us recently about flying pigs. Seriously! He spotted a wedge-tailed eagle with a wild piglet in its talons flying, he presumed, back to the nest when a murder of crows attacked and the eagle was forced to drop the piglet. Whilst the crows were busy fighting over the released piglet the mate of our first eagle was quietly heading in the other direction with a second piglet firmly in its sharp clutches. Somewhat cruel for the piglets but nature at work; survival of the fittest and clever teamwork!

In most religions things happen for a reason. How many times have you heard or uttered yourself that old phrase about God working in mysterious ways? A neighbour once told me she silently utters a prayer to St Christopher for a parking spot in the busy main street of Narrabri, which is more often than not, granted. It works, I’ve tried it myself!

How is this related to my initial jottings? I guess what I am really wondering is, why are all these things happening? Is there a reason or just bad timing/coincidence? Have we done our dash with Mother Nature or our Father in all his forms?

Do I need to get out more?


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