Goodbye Poppet

Many tributes and expressions of grief have flooded various media for actor and comedian extraordinaire, Robin Williams, since the news broke yesterday of his tragic death by suicide.  On behalf of the CWA we express our condolences to his family.

I would like to add our voice to the calls for those suffering depression, anxiety, or any form of undiagnosed or untreated mental illness, to please, please, please seek help, even if it is just to talk to your spouse/partner/friend/neighbour. There are many organisations offering support and help online, through helplines and face to face as well as some who offer mobile units that traverse rural and remote centres.

CWA has tried for many years to raise awareness of these issues and this year we have partnered with WorkCover to promote their Alive and Well Campaign which includes advice and support on depression and mental health. We are proud to be involved in this initiative to help farmers stay safe by sharing information, stories and tips.

It is terribly sad that another person has lost their battle with these often hidden and debilitating illnesses and it is incumbent on each of us to look out for one another.


One thought on “Goodbye Poppet

  1. Robin Williams was my inspiration in Dead Poets’ Society as a teacher. My proudest moment was when a student said to me “My captain, Oh, my captain” and the whole class stood on their desks on their last day in my class. The world is a poorer place – a cliche I know but nevertheless so true.

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