See You at the Inn

Q. Where do CWA members meet?

A. Some meet in their Branch rooms, others in member’s homes, the local community hall or, like mine, the pub.

Our “pub” is actually called The Rowena Village Inn and is owned and managed by Cindy, with a little help from Mum and Dad. Sister Jo is 2IC and between them they operate Tuesday to Sunday opening 10 am to 10 pm, give or take, depending how many customers have ventured in.

Cindy does the cooking and provides the district with not only fabulous food and a friendly, safe meeting place but she is also earning herself a reputation for creating fantastic cakes and other goodies, for special occasions. Whenever we hold our meetings there she has usually whipped up some delectable treat, including fresh batches of scones (game, I know!!), for us to enjoy. Whether it’s morning tea, lunch or nibbles and dinner, nothing is ever a problem.  Children are not forgotten either with a kids menu and a once-a-week treat of school lunch orders on Friday. What’s so special about that you ask? Lots when our school is small and there’s no tuckshop.

pub outside blog picInn blog pic1
The Rowena Village Inn

Rowena was home to Cindy’s family in her younger days, when her grandparents Jim and Margaret (a member of Collarenebri Branch) operated the Inn and who still help out on occasion…thank you Grandma! So now the little chicken has come home to roost! Well, not really, at just 22 there is still the odd occasion where our girl likes to burn the candle at both ends … but she manages to bounce back pretty quickly and is always on deck at the required hour.

Some would say our modest Inn is quaint or rustic, to us it is warm and welcoming on a cold night or on the other hand, the drinks are always cold and the welcome just as big, on a hot day. It’s a meeting place, watering hole, dining room, coffee shop, gourmet bakehouse, community hub; a place to share the day’s events, gossip about local happenings, celebrate, commiserate or just have a quiet beer.

It’s decorated with memorabilia, including cattle brands and wool bale stencils from district properties, historic bric-a-brac and photographic evidence that a good night was had by all … on various occasions!

We love our Inn and the people in it.

What’s special about your meeting place?

blog pic

Cindy is on the left and Jo is on the right

cake blog pic

   One of Cindy’s creations for 6 year old Isaac’s birthday.

3 thoughts on “See You at the Inn

  1. Thanks for the photos of the pub Tanya. Have heard so much about this place and the fun you all have.
    It doesn’t matter where we meet as long as we do in friendship.

  2. Looks like a fun place to meet, but the meeting place is of less importance than the opportunity that CWA offers for camaraderie and friendship between women. Enjoy your membership girls and have fun!

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