Say a Little Prayer

I was going to write this week about how hemmed in I was feeling after being in the city for almost two weeks and how excited I was feeling at the prospect of open spaces and three hundred and sixty degree views of the horizon as I crossed the Breeza Plain, instead of bitumen, cement and skyscrapers. I was also eager to get back to the comforts of my own home and spend time with my family.

But considering what is happening in other parts of our world and just how many people have suffered the loss of innocent family members and friends, it all seems very shallow.

I think instead I’ll focus my thoughts and energy on saying a silent prayer for lives lost; a quiet thank you to the heavens over the open expanses for the freedoms we enjoy; and look forward to still being able to hug each member of my family when I arrive home.

For the remainder of my travel time I will be thinking about the terrible sense of loss those left behind must be feeling and hope that you will spare them a thought as well.


One thought on “Say a Little Prayer

  1. Tanya, after living up Delungra way for a few years and being surrounded by fields of sunflowers during the season, after events of late fields of sunflowers have a very tragic connotation for now. Thank you for recognising what we have….

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