Creating Change


The CWA of NSW State Executive Committee is meeting this week to deliberate the business of the Association and make the decisions that are necessary for the management and future of our organisation. As usual it is a busy week so I’ll be brief (if that’s possible!)

Representatives from across the state and from all walks of life come together for business during the day and as with any gathering be they male, female or both, some socialising into the evening.

I envisage any (CWA) husband reading this will be rolling his eyes and chortling to himself as he calculates the decibel level of 39 women in a confined space, who have only been able to use a small percentage of their 2,000 word allowance for the day. He will imagine them all talking at once whilst appearing to listen which, in our minds is multi-tasking! He might also be a little concerned about what the balance owing on the next credit card bill might be – don’t worry on my watch they’re too busy to indulge in any retail therapy. No responsibility accepted though for trips from and to home.

Getting back to the point I want to make about the social part of this week. Its function is not to gossip and partake of too many drinks, it’s about sharing stories, building trust and camaraderie so that expressing an opinion during debates, which may differ from your peers, does not mean ostracism at the end of the day.

Similarly the business sessions are an indirect avenue to encourage and foster new skills, build confidence, capacity and expression that often empower women, who otherwise might not feel confident enough, to use those new found talents in other activities in their communities.

For the small percentage of members who will have the privilege and opportunity to serve at this level it also provides the chance to make contacts all over the state and often results in lifelong friendships being formed. So not only are we getting the business done, we are up skilling at the same time; multi-tasking again!

On a completely different subject I have one comment that has been bouncing around in my head since the start of the week and this provides an opportunity to set if free; when my boys were growing up I always thought Ian Thorpe was such a fantastic role model for them … I still do.

3 thoughts on “Creating Change

  1. This is exactly as it is! As one who was there this week, many, many thanks, Tanya for being such an inspiring leader – you let us stumble, make mistakes and constantly challenge us to actually say what we want to say.
    We always feel that whatever we say is ok, and you consistently encourage us to do the right thing by the Association!
    While it is brain-draining, I always love my week at Exec and yes, the camaraderie and non-judgmental friendship is so, so re-assuring and affirming.
    Even though I have only been there for 12 months, I have seen so many of my peers grow in confidence – amazing! What is fabulous is that they will take that confidence back to their Branch and/or Group, and promote the Association and all its positive messages.
    I consider myself privileged to have been elected to Executive, and will treasure all my experiences there.

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