Midnight Musings


I was thinking, as I drove into Sydney on Sunday, that I might have got used to driving in traffic by now but my white knuckled grip on the steering wheel was competing with my tightly clenched jaw and drum like neck muscles for first place on the stress podium. I am too used to having the whole road to myself with not another car in sight and only the odd kamikaze kangaroo (and big rock) to look out for!


In the wake of the delivery of the State budget and the scramble to win the game of find the little devil called detail, my midnight musings lead me to wonder if anyone else worries about the continent cracking through the middle from the sheer weight of the population condensed around the coastal fringe and more to the point, if it stays afloat, who is going to be left to feed them! There is supposedly some funding for drought support but, as I write, no detail, so we have a situation where current State arrangements will end in less than two weeks, with no indication of what will replace it, but unfortunately no end in sight to the drought.


Having got that little gem of negativity of my chest, one of the reasons I am in Sydney this week is to attend the launch of the Country NSW Expo, held annually in August and where CWA of NSW, amongst 100s of other rural based organisations, showcase the advantages of living in the country. The first one that comes to mind having sprouted the comment above is balance…figuratively not literally. Relishing the wide open spaces, silences broken only by the sound of the wind through the trees or the birds sitting in them and endless skies where you can see the sun rise and set from the first shaft of light to the last and then enjoy the spectacle of the diamond studded night after making a wish on the evening star.


We might not have equity in all sorts of material things, but we have the universe to talk to and no interruptions to the conversation.

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