What’s yours is also mine

smashed window

Why do some people think that what you and I have worked hard for is fair game for them?

Why am I asking you this question and what does it have to do with CWA?

The first question is rhetorical and out of frustration because Emma and the two girls she shares with have had their house broken into twice in one week. Electrical goods, jewellery, spare car keys, money; all the readily, easily exchangeable for drugs, type possessions, plus memorabilia and of all things, joggers! Insurance may cover some of the replacement costs but it does not remove the fear, the sense of violation or the inconvenience, nor will it replace items that are valueless to thieves, but priceless for their irreplaceable nature to the owners.

CWA over the years has often lobbied on law and order issues and the adequacy of the judicial system as well as the appropriateness of penalties imposed; let alone the difficulties for police of actually getting a conviction. Considering the horrendous crimes that have occurred of late, against women and beautiful little children, Emma, Marie and Elle think themselves lucky (so far), but in view of the fact that an elderly man was bashed with a metal pipe for his wallet in the same area today, they are staying vigilant. Might be time for CWA to consider raising these issues again…

Back to the girls plight…police were called both times and fingerprints taken after the first break-in. The second one occurred last Thursday evening, just in time for the Easter long weekend and it is now Tuesday afternoon and no sign of anyone with a fingerprint kit, but then they were also promised regular patrols past the house and have not seen more than one of those either.

The girls are pretty sure they know where the pilferers live, but what to do about it? The police can’t or won’t act without proof. In the past retribution may have occurred but is of course unacceptable in today’s society. Meanwhile they live in limbo; not game to leave their house unattended but frightened to be there alone, with two of their three cars in “hiding” until they can afford the $2,000.00 it will cost each to change over all the keys, barrels and reprogram the computers, whilst they tighten their belts so the budget can include moving into a different neighborhood and try to function normally on a few hours of stressful sleep.

A friend’s blue heeler, on loan for the first few nights has provided some comfort.

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