Life Goes On

The original Show Kiosk at the Royal Easter Show in 1948

The original Show Kiosk at the Royal Easter Show in 1948

Another interesting and busy week has passed and I hope you enjoyed Annie’s account of her busy life, which would have provided you with more detail on the diversity of the Country Women’s Association of NSW; diverse in activities, representation, membership and geography. The value of the work our members do, both country and city, should not be underestimated, so thank you Annie for sharing your contribution.

Part of my week has been spent speaking to media about the proposed sale of Potts Point which seems to have created a little flurry of interest from members of the public who for some reason think it’s our virgin voyage into buying and selling real estate in Sydney or that the organisation is contemplating retirement. I can assure everyone that the “normal” work of our Association will and is, continuing unabated and at an increasing pace in the lead up to our Annual Conference in May, where the decision will be debated and decided by the delegates present.

DSC_2397As many hands as possible are again on deck in our Tea Rooms at the Royal Easter Show to help raise funds to support the various activities of the Association, without the efforts of hundreds of these deckhands from all over NSW, be it volunteering on site or providing produce for sale, this 67 year tradition would not set sail. And whilst I’m hesitant to put the word scone into a sentence with tea, in a blog space where I keep reminding you that CWA is more than those two things put together, I need to tell you that last year our seriously super scone score topped 40,601 over the 14 days and made an impressive financial contribution to further the work we do. By the end of day 5 this year 14,380 of the delectable little delights had been delivered as per Devonshire requirements, so don’t forget to detour on your day trip for a little downtime and dig in!

The members of the various committees are all at full steam gathering and preparing to display items creatively crafted, beautifully baked, rigorously researched or painstakingly painted by members for the various exhibitions at the Conference to be held in Griffith.

Members of the choir will be warming their vocal chords and practising their pitch, while the organising committee would be just about to the panic stage wondering if everything will come together on time and without incident; I predict local wine sales may well rise in anticipation of, or possibly to avert, the downward shift of THE red button.

At Head Office staff are busily printing programmes, packing boxes, engraving trophies, finalising arrangements with guest speakers, preparing running sheets and checking the laces on their running shoes.

In between honing my media skills I am dealing with the business of a 10,000 member organisation, writing blogs, letters or reports, meeting with whoever is in the diary for the day or fielding questions from Marc, son and family bookkeeper. That’s when I’m not out meeting the members, plucking energy drinks from the hands of unsuspecting children or watering the plants and catching up on the washing and what’s been happening at home.

Life here goes on.

What’s happening in your day?

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