Say it out Loud


Raising awareness of and offering support for mental health initiatives in the bush, particularly during times of natural disaster, is something CWA of NSW has done for some time now and we continue to encourage social gatherings where people hopefully will share their thoughts and how they are coping. Sharing how you cope may very well help your neighbour. This is my tail….

It’s 5am Monday morning and I’ve woken to the sound of RAIN on the roof!

Then I remembered, I’m not at home.


I am in Young about to start a four day tour of the branches in our South West Group of CWA of NSW and I am certain (unless they are making hay) that no one here will be uttering profanities at the sound! Hopefully when I ring Jeff later he will have lain in bed for a while this morning listening to the same sound on our roof.

At least it’s raining somewhere

The weekend before last we went to neighbours for a “rain dance” party, the next morning we got 6 spits and another dust storm! Must have to go anti-clockwise…..We did get about 5mls over a couple of days last week and I even started to get excited, thinking it might be worth cleaning up some dust, but Huey had obviously decided I was becoming far too optimistic for a ‘cocky’.

DSC_0092As I drove south yesterday there seemed to be pockets of green that actually extended into paddocks and not just on the side of the road, which only serves to lure kangaroos to an uncertain future and keep panel beaters busy. Touch wood, CWA111 has not had any close encounters….yet. Whilst on the subject of cars I must thank the members for providing successive State Presidents, for a few years now, with a comfortable mode of transport. The last president from my part of the world, Edith Gordon, traversed the state in the early 50’s by train, not possible now.

Bouncing around topics, as I tend to do, I’d like to get back to kangaroos (pardon the pun) for a minute. They have invaded my lawn! Can’t blame the poor things, its the only green around, but I wish they wouldn’t drop “you know what” EVERYWHERE!! In the last drought I fashioned a poo scoop out of an old cordial bottle, which worked a treat and wasn’t bad exercise either. In fact, I thought it was so good I made a second one to enter into our recycled article competition but apparently the judge’s assessment didn’t concur with mine, so no prize, go figure!

I’ve now upgraded to the flash spring loaded, long handled model used by (older and wiser) dog owners, but even it may not work on the offerings that two bulls left me on Saturday, after they discovered that it is actually greener on the other side of the fence! A little extra attention with the mower in those spots though will spread some useful fertilizer over a patch or three.

One thing I keep reminding myself is that at least I still have enough water, to have any sort of garden and in the big scheme of things a few kangaroos and their droppings are the least of our worries, but creating a diversion for my thought processes helps keep me sane and able to snatch some sleep at night.

These are my “keep your sense of humour thoughts”, what are yours?


One thought on “Say it out Loud

  1. Congratulations to on your continued positivity and your dedication and effort you are putting into CWA. Inspirational!

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