Fair Challenge

time for change w words

As Australia Day fast approaches and we consider how best to celebrate the life we enjoy in this country, spare a thought for two groups of people who must be questioning whether we do live in “the lucky country”; victims and their families dealing with the aftermath of alcohol and drug fuelled violence and those dealing with the desolation of drought. For those involved; both will take a long time to recover from and both will require decisive action from government to address.

How un-Australian is the coward’s punch? Equally though, how fitting and Australian, is this new name for an act perpetrated by spineless people who have probably never had to be responsible for their actions or choices in life.

I wonder how long these individuals would last if faced with the day-to-day, soul destroying slog of feeding and finding water for, or worse still having to shoot, starving stock.

Some “fair-dinkum” challenges of the real world where we are not only responsible for our own behaviours and actions but also acutely aware of the well-being of those around us, might just bring a dose of reality and reinforce the notion that we are all dependent on each other for something.

Let’s hope that the politicians, charged with changing laws to ensure that the punishment fits the crime and with the ability to provide further assistance and support, have a “fair crack” at something meaningful in both instances.

The rest of us deserve a “fair go” too.

One thought on “Fair Challenge

  1. Hello Tanya.
    I agree with you about the one punch issue. Rather than mandatory sentences, perhaps they could be sent to the rural areas for six months, and help out. A dose of reality is what they need, as it is not unusual for youth to know that they are unable to think and act without recognizing results. I particularly responded to the no mixed drinks, and the ‘energy’ drinks that prime our children for a quick boost in energy. Having worked in the drug and alcohol area for some years I have seen the devastation of families and how hard it is to come to grips with the problem.

    Cheers Glenys

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