Pondering the Problem

sunset 25-12-12 - (3)

Sunset over my property in Rowena, NSW

October is the month to celebrate various events like Pink Ribbon Day, Halloween, International Day of Rural Women, Oktoberfest and our, not as well publicised but just as important, CWA Branch and Group AGM Days, to name but a few. There is rarely any beer consumed, German or otherwise and usually not a carved pumpkin in sight, although they could both add some interesting aspects that are possibly worth considering…..

map with dots22

Our 400 branches distributed across NSW

Our 400 Branches are divided into 30 Groups across NSW and members will be electing their new executive for the coming twelve months and celebrating achievements of the past 12. Encouraging and rewarding, respectively.

Group AGMs will also be focusing on discussion and debate of proposed motions for the State AGM which will be held at Griffith in May 2014. These motions will again focus on a wide range of concerns important to our members, their families and communities from health, education and telecommunications to roads, agriculture and mining, social, economic and political issues, setting policy and direction for the coming year.

We have harassed politicians for over 90 years on these and other issues and will continue to do so whilst ever the size of our electoral boundaries continues to increase and our representation declines, whilst ever our services continue to be downgraded or withdrawn, whilst ever domestic violence and homelessness continue to be ignored and until governments have a clear plan for rural NSW.

We apparently live in the best country in the world, yet most Australians could be deemed ‘fringe dwellers’, hugging the coastline with only a few venturing into the wilds of the interior on the occasional exploration with the family. Many do not drive the vast expanses for that adventure, preferring to fly, so how can we enlist their empathy and support for problems that require votes to fix?

As usual I have deviated from my original path, making use of some object to fashion into a soapbox, however it’s provided food for thought over an Oktober beer (local of course), while I watch the sun set; just one of the many advantages of being able to see to the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Pondering the Problem

  1. Thank you for visiting the the interior yesterday. Having no mobile reception makes us realise how much consultation with politicians is still required.

  2. loving your blog, what a great idea to start one. as a reasonably new member(12 months) but being around CWA for all my life, (my mother is the current state Treasurer) it is a nice way to keep up with what CWA members across the state are thinking or what you might be following each week.

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